Chrome Extension for creating a TOC for Medium

Table of contents

(Created with the Chrome Extension)

Table of contents
How to use
−− 1. Add a Chrome Extension from the Chrome Web Store
−− 2. Create a TOC using Chrome Extension in Medium’s edit screen
−− 3. You can also use shortcut keys to create a table of contents ⌨️


I usually write articles for a different service, but at my company, I write articles on Medium. I found out while writing an article on Medium that I can’t create a table of contents! So I created a chrome extension to create a table of contents 👍

How to use

Search for TOC of Medium in the Chrome Web Store and add the plugin that comes up. 🏪

After adding the plugin, you will be taken to Medium’s article editing screen. Then you will see the clipboard icon in the upper right corner of the screen. ↗️

Mouse over the clipboard icon

And you can copy the table of contents by clicking on the clipboard icon. 📋

Click the clipboard icon.

You can then add a table of contents to the article by pasting it in the location where you want to insert it. If you want to update the table of contents, click the clipboard icon again. 🆙

Press Ctrl+t to output the table of contents at the input position! 🎉


I couldn’t make a table of contents in Medium, so I made this one, but there are other similar plugins and libraries as follows. 🔽

I think it’s a good idea to compare each plugin and use the one you’re most comfortable with!

I uploaded the source code to GitHub Repository, so feel free to create an issue or pull request if you have any requests.

I’m a software engineer working in Tokyo. I love programming, games and music.

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